Mzinga Acquires Prospero – Come join the conversation!

Mzinga acquires Prospero

PerkettPR client Mzinga announced today that it is acquiring Prospero, a fellow Massachusetts-based social media platform builder. Both companies excel in the creating white-label social media platforms that allow companies to create feature-rich online communities. This merger clearly places Mzinga in the spotlight as the leader in business oriented social networking. The true question lies in how this will affect other white-label providers in this space.

Notable social media bloggers such as Chris Brogan, Jeremiah Owyang and Scott Monty have already posted on the merger and shared their views on what the future might hold in this space. What is your take on the future of white-label social media platforms or even social media for corporations in general? To help answer that question, leaders from the newly formed Mzinga along with PerkettPR and Topaz Partners will be hosting a Twitter-based Q&A session throughout today (Monday, March 3rd).

Feel free to follow and converse with any of us on Twitter:

Mzinga/Prospero: Aaron Strout, Jim Storer, Colin Browing, and Heather Strout
PerkettPR: Jeff Glasson, Lisa Dilg and our corporate presence
Topaz Partners: Doug Haslam and Sandy Kalik

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This event is a great example of social media companies actually putting social media tools to use and engaging in conversation to benefit the community. We look forward to chatting with you. See you in the Twittersphere!

17 thoughts on “Mzinga Acquires Prospero – Come join the conversation!

  1. I have been a room owner in TalkCity for many yrs. Not much has changed. Now that you have merged will there be some changes coming? Can we start a wish list?
    Thanks, Fay

  2. Fay, Thank you for leaving a comment. I will be getting in touch with our contacts at Mzinga to have them respond to your question here. Thanks,

  3. Fay,

    I run Talk City.

    I can tell you that Mzinga management is very interested in growing Talk City. We will definitely be tapping into the expertise of our room owners as we look at ways to make Talk City bigger and better.

    Please post your ideas in the Owners’ Lagoon.


  4. It’s been 3 months since I posted my concern. The only thing I have seen new is a few new icons and a wish list. Did I miss anything or is that all that is new?
    With all the trouble that TC has been having, would it be a good idea to start FlashChat? Just wondering.

  5. Fay: We are still working on the Flash chat for Talk City, which we think will be a big improvement. We don’t have a schedule for rollout at this time, but we should know more soon.

    Feel free to contact me directly through my Talk City profile to follow up:

  6. I don’t see how FlashChat could have as many bugs as Java does right now.
    I went for at least 12 hours and couldn’t even get into my own room along with 6 or 7 of my regular chatters.
    We are losing chatters. I have seen in the posts TC wide that several ppl are finding new places to chat. :(

  7. I am leasing a room on Talkcity as well, my question is why are the owners pretty much told to advertise their room for these grow your room challenges.. Is talkcity not advertised? I noticed when I put “chat” in google search talkcity is only mentioned once and that is on the second page in search. Id think if mzinga advertised talkcity as much as it is telling the “room owners” to do so perhaps we would be higher up on the search bar. Makes more sense to me for the company to do it, I highly doubt emails and websites with room owner webtags is going to create a windfall of chatters when the o people most chatters send emails to are chatters as well.

  8. @Leuk

    We’ve always believed that room owners know their rooms better than we do. So we give room owners tools to publicize their rooms.

    With regard to Google, we’d love to see Talk City ranked higher in the “chat” search results.

    Please post in the Owners Lagoon ( where we can discuss these matters with other room owners.

  9. I do not blame you for my technical problem at all. But you still didn’t comment on FlashChat. With Java having so many problems, why not go ahead and start FC?
    I’m sure you get tired of answering this but do you have an ETA of when FlashChat will be ready? We are all so ready for something new.

    I am trying to keep this in here so I don’t start an uproar in the forums. But when I do take something to the forum in OL I feel like I either get jumped on or get answers from others that the post isn’t directed to.

    I don’t know about everyone else but when I post something to someone I want them to answer it and not others. I know in my room if someone directly asks me a question I want to be the one that answers it. And I feel if I talk to you in here I will get a direct answer from YOU and not others.

    Have a wonderful day!!


  10. See I told you if this was brought this up in OL that it would cause a big uproar.


  11. @Fay

    I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA on Flash chat. I can tell you it is at least several months away.

    This isn’t my blog and I get no notification of messages posted here so I had no way of knowing that you were awaiting an answer from me.

    As I said previously, if you post directly to me in the Owners’ Lagoon, I will get notified and will respond in a timely manner. You can also contact me through my profile (URL above) in order to get a more timely response.

  12. I will not post in OL. Everytime I do I get smart ass answers so from now on I will just use your profile.
    Thank you for getting TC off McAfee bad site advisor. That should help maybe get a few new chatters.

  13. Perfect example of smart ass remarks and to beat it all they were from YOUR HELPCREW. But unless you were quick to read it you missed it. Fireefly deleted it.
    I honestly think Christon from the HC should be evaluated. I’m sure if asked many other chatters doesn’t like her attituted either.

  14. Fay,

    I run Talk City.

    I can tell you that Mzinga management is very interested in growing Talk City. We will definitely be tapping into the expertise of our room owners as we look at ways to make Talk City bigger and better.

    Please post your ideas in the Owners' Lagoon.


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