PerkettPR Interviews Loren Nason from The Future of Real Estate blog

Vertical industries are embracing technology in new and interesting ways all of the time. There’s an abundance of opportunity and – as Loren Nason of The Future of Real Estate Technology tells us – a lot of need. He explains more in a brief (slightly noisy) interview at TechCrunch/PopSugar’s MeetUp. (Pardon my interview skills, I’m used to putting others in front of the camera, not myself.)

  • Loren Nason

    Thank you Christine. Had a great time at the Meetup and it was great meeting you and your team.

    Looks like i need to brush up on my “being interviewed” skills.



  • Christine Perkett

    Loren – no worries, I’m in the same boat. We were with the tech geeks side of the party so that’s okay!

    We appreciate your participation and we wish you the best of luck with your business. Stay in touch!