Thanks from PerkettPR

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy some time with good friends and family and remember all that you have to be thankful for. Inspired by the “thankful videos” posted on Facebook by our client, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, we, too, wanted to share what we are thankful for this year. Here are some of the personal and professional things that some of the staff at PerkettPR wanted to share – how about you?

  • The unbelievable real friendships that I’ve been able to build out of “internet” friendships
  • A great boss that keeps us on top of trends, ahead of the “next best thing” and always pushes us to do better and be better
  • Good health for myself, husband and kids and the extra wisdom to appreciate it
  • Feeling like I share actual office space with people because of the closeness I feel to my colleagues
  • Watching my kids grow and learn
  • Having a supportive and fun team to work with
  • To be working for an amazing organization, whose members impress me every day with their dedication and super-human efforts
  • For my wonderful family and that, someday, my daughter will sleep through the night
  • Good health and great friends
  • The opportunity to engage with co-workers and clients that are continually teaching me new things
  • My wonderful, impish, impulsive, clever 2 year old and the joy he brings to my life (despite the call from daycare that he bit another child)
  • My job, the fact that I get to work virtually, and most importantly the amazing people I’m fortunate enough to work with each day
  • Smart, engaged colleagues who push themselves daily to deliver results
  • The good health of the people I love
  • The daily laughs, good health, and endless support of my sisters, Mom, extended family, and good friends.
  • Working for a company (and with my rockstar co-workers)—that exude passion, creativity, and brilliance on a daily basis
  • My healthy family
  • My truly wonderful co-workers who bring new meaning to the phrase “team work”
  • Clients and team members with great personalities and contagious passion for what they do every day!
  • Having a roof over my head, food in my belly, wine in my glass, and the best family and friends in the world!
  • A healthy family
  • My job – and to have the ability to provide for my family when others are less fortunate
  • A tight group of friends and family and the ability to live closely, so I can hug them often
  • The chance to work with colleagues and clients who have a great sense of humor
  • A healthy family
  • The amazing community that has supported PerkettPR this year: clients, industry colleagues, loyal and amazing staff

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