PerkettPR Interviews Robert “Scobleizer” Scoble, Part II: Good PR, Bad PR, Great Leaders and More

We continue our interview with Robert Scoble, “The Scobleizer,” as he gets into some interesting PR and business topics. Scoble tells us how Google helps him deal with PR executives, what makes a good PR pitch, what PR emails will get trashed and what makes a PR person smart in his eyes. He also shared his opinion on what makes a great leader, what his “non-techie” pastimes are (hint: take him to a sushi spot!) and if he ever, ever unplugs. Be sure to check out Part I of this interview if you missed it.




NOTE: We’re reviving our interview series of influencers, media and entrepreneurs across industries such as tech, fashion and healthcare. If you have an interesting subject for us to consider, please email blog [at] perkettpr [dot] com!

  • Laurent Pfertzel

    Good interview. It highlights the need to be personal, relevant and possibly build a relationship. I see agencies blasting PR around. Granted, they do tray to target but solely on macro information (this blogger is into personal finance or into cloud computing). That's not bad, but more can be done. I think the ultimate is an email that rebounds in a timely manner on a twit/posts from the blogger, with an attempt to add value, to create a real connection at the thought level. When I do that (I do it for my own company), I get 80% response.