Ilina Ewen – Super Marketer, Blogger, Mom – a PerkettPR Interview, Part 2

Today we continue our interview with Ilina Ewen, where she takes us beyond her blogging to share her thoughts on everything from big brands and social media to her perspective of the “social media scene” in the Southeast region. She talks a little about her company, iFactor, and how she helps companies define strategies and tactics to ensure that key audiences “digest what we’re communicating” – and how they “spit it back out.”

“Social media is still media – it’s not anything new.” Watch the video to learn more, and be sure to check out Part 1 of the interview if you haven’t seen it yet.

Thanks again to Ilena for sharing her time and insights with us – and you!

NOTE: We continue our interview series of influencers, media and entrepreneurs across industries such as tech, fashion and healthcare. If you have an interesting subject for us to consider, please email blog [at] perkettpr [dot] com!

One thought on “Ilina Ewen – Super Marketer, Blogger, Mom – a PerkettPR Interview, Part 2

  1. What an interesting conversation, nice job by Claire. I was struck by Ilina's honesty when she was discussing her blog. She said that she writes for herself first. I was so glad to hear that comment. I feel the same way, yet have often thought that it flies in the face of the social media “best practice” to target a specific persona and write for an audience. I think to some degree measured “best practice” interferes with spontaneous creativity. Thanks for the great post.

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