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I was invited by my industry colleague and friend, Aaron Strout of Powered Inc., to participate in a fun experiment this morning. He asked me and a handful of other amazing marketing folks to share a brand haiku based on a recent experience we’ve had – good or bad. (Remember, a haiku is: 5 syllables, 7 syllables 5 syllables.)

Well, if you follow me on Twitter and were on this weekend, you likely heard about my recent experience with Toyota and specifically, McGee Toyota in Hanover, MA. It wasn’t pretty. So here’s my haiku for you based on my weekend – if you’d like the full story, read my blog post about the experience – and why it’s crucial for your sales team to understand that customer relationships are way more valuable than customer deals.

Toyota was wrong
Happy customers tell friends
Angry ones tell all

Now that the negative one is out of the way, here are two positive ones – because happy customers should share loudly, too.

Jet Blue I love you
Thanks for TVs and smiles
You get customers

Ideeli is cool
They sell lovely things to me
And they engage me

Follow the brand haiku to Bryan Person and his tribute to Nike, and see more haikus from those amazing marketers by watching Twitter for the hashtag #brandhaiku.

Thanks for the fun, creative and great idea – and invitation – Aaron! Readers, if you have a brand haiku, please play along in the comment section and on Twitter.


10 thoughts on “Brand Haiku for You

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw the tweets. I thought “Oh know, these guys have no idea what they just did, and who they just messed with!” What’s the saying “Good news travels everywhere but bad news travels fast?”

  2. Thanks, Matt. You guys are very kind to say so. It’s okay, I made my friend Scott Monty happy by going Ford after all – so in the end, everything happens for a reason!

  3. Christine, I love your haiku. Your points about the dealership were right on. Sometimes salespeople get caught up in the game, and forget why they’re there, and then the business suffers.

    Not cool Toyota
    CRM’s not just software
    It’s a way of life

  4. Karen it’s great to see you here – thanks for reading and commenting. I love the CRM haiku! Nice job. Hi hope you are doing great at Landslide and that we’ll see you again soon.

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