Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/24/11

This week’s Persuasive Picks begin with a great article by Hubspot entitled “5 Ways to Double Your Social Media Results“, which explores new tools that have emerged that will enable your company to optimize & increase promotion of tweets.

Over at Technorati, Bryan Cain-Jackson talks about mobile social media in his article “Mobile Social Media Is The Way We Stay Social“. This article includes recent findings showing that everyday people on-the-go have a new way of staying social. In fact, 72.2 million Americans accessed their social networking sites or blogs via their mobile devices in August 2011.

CNN’s Lilly Workneh writes about the new campaign called “Smart is the New Sexy” implemented by the Newspaper Association of America in her article entitled “Newspapers Use Social Media to Say “Smart is the New Sexy”. The campaign encourages consumers to share their personal connection to newspapers through the papers’ Facebook and Twitter accounts — with the hashtag #smartsexy — to spark conversations online.

Another interesting article by Forbes entitled “Rise of Social Media is Shot in the Arm for Symantec, McAfee” discusses how companies will begin allocating bigger advertising budgets towards social networking sites.  While doing so, many will also continue restricting access to those sites for their employees.


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