Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/31/2011

This week’s Persuasive Picks post starts off with the article The Top 5 Online Marketing Benefits of Facebook Timeline where author Denise Keller shares some positive benefits of Facebook’s controversial Timeline.  One interesting point Keller makes is how Timeline could eventually substitute blogs and even websites. Here, at PerkettPR, we’ve already started exploring the new feature and hope to share our thoughts in the coming months.

Ryan Barr of the IGB Group shares his thoughts on social media in PRWeek’s Social media: One size does not fit all. Barr says it the best when he states,Don’t set yourself up for failure. Start by identifying clear goals for your social media program and develop a social media policy for your company.” Also this article is a great reminder of how social media and building an online presence takes time.

Over at Business Insider Dan Frommer shares 10 Social Media Brands That Will Still Matter In 10 Years. Some brands are obvious that Frommer points out like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn; however, Frommer shares other brands like Instagram, Yelp, and Spotify which have a lot of competition and only time will tell if these social brands have what it takes to remain relevant and long lasting. Are Frommer’s predictions on point? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Speaking of LinkedIn— B2B magazine provides expert insight from Paul Gillin who shares Six LinkedIn features you probably don’t know about. One of our favorites is the recently introduced LinkedIn Alumni—designed to help make and renew professional connections by providing users with high-level information about fellow alumni. This tool is perfect for approaching prospects. Check out the rest of the features in Paul’s list—you won’t be disappointed.

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