Persuasive Picks – Week of December 14, 2015

According to PRNewser, “The PR Industry Has a Big Problem“. Guest columnist, Colin Jordan reports there are roughly 5.7 PR professionals for every one journalist, according to recent Labor reports in the U.S. He offers insight on how the PR industry must change.


Mashable reports on what we will see from content marketers in 2016. This article called “10 content marketing game changers to look for in 2016“, authored by Shafqat Islam, shares tips on what brands should do in 2016 to stay on top, including the rise of new platforms such as WeChat, Line and others.

Brent Gleeson, a Forbes contributor, pens a piece on social media marketing in 2016. “5 Things You Should Be Doing In Social Media Marketing In 2016” focuses on the top five things brands should be doing to better engage customers.  He encourages the use of live streaming and engaging more with key influencers.




Persuasive Picks – Week of November 30, 2015

As we close out the year, we are now turning our attention to strategies for 2016. In a piece for Entrepreneur, contributor Sujan Patel takes on this topic as it relates to marketing strategies for small businesses. This article called “5 Marketing Changes Small Businesses Need to Make in 2016” emphasizes the importance of relationship and mobile marketing.


In an article as part of the MarTech Landscape Series, we look at B2B marketing automation software and what it is.  This article called “MarTech Landscape: What Is Marketing Automation Software?”, we learn about what marketers need to understand before adopting a marketing automation platform.

Digital fundraising is the topic of NPR’s piece called “A Click Too Far: Why Using Social Media Isn’t That Great For Fundraising“. This piece, authored by Alina Selyukh, references some of the great social media fundraising campaigns such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but goes on to discuss how most campaigns aren’t proven to be all that effective.  Only 3 percent of fundraising referrals came from social media.