PerkettPR Q&A with Vic Miller, Digital Marketing Producer at PerkettPR

PerkettPR is happy to share a Q&A with our newest employee– Ohio-based, Digital Marketing Producer, Vic Miller (@vicmilleriii). He just wrapped up an awesome, super creative video for our client MyVici, check it out here

1. Explain your role here at PerkettPR?

I am the Digital Production Director for PerkettPR where I am responsible for driving the strategy, direction and execution of digital marketing content and programs for our clients and our organization.

2. What is your biggest accomplishment and how did you get there?

I’ve been awarded medals for my service in the military and I’ve received numerous awards for my work throughout my career, but my biggest achievement will always be taking the challenge that lays in front of me. Like the age-old sentiment goes, “…it’s the journey, not the destination,” it’s having an experience that brings me the biggest sense of accomplishment.

3. What motivates you each day?

I am motivated by the opportunity to create. When I see the potential to create something I get super excited, maybe even overzealous some times.

4. Please list your top tech gadgets – which ones do you have or want to have and why?

My iPhone and MacBook are definite must-have tools. But my geek credentials would be revoked if I didn’t mention my love for Arduino. While it may not be in my productivity toolbox, it’s the coolest DIY gadget ever.

5. Do you have any secret hobbies or ambitions?

I have many interests but mostly I enjoy making things; I draw, paint, sculpt, build, solder, weld, animate, film, record, edit, program, grow, cook, brew, eat, drink, and muse. Oh, and I’ve been making my own sausage for over 20 years.

6. If you travel anywhere, what places would you visit first?

In general, I seek out the flavor of the city; the food , music, and art/culture.  New Orleans is my kind of town; some of the best food, music, atmosphere and people you could ever ask for. There’s a rhythm about New Orleans that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

7. What TV or movie character do you relate to most and why?

I am a sucker for good antihero characters like Tyler Durden (Fight Club), Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver), or Walter White (AMC’s Breaking Bad).  It’s not that I relate to any specific character traits as much as I find the moral complexity of antiheroes very interesting.

8. What is the favorite part of your job?

I love editing video. I’ve always been drawn to motion and enjoy people watching; I get to tell a story, animate things and play with sounds, but it’s more than that. Sometimes editing is like putting together a puzzle and suddenly everything comes together and creates something magical in a way that only video can do.

9. What defines success for you?

Catching an idea and executing it… good or bad, that’s success for me.  So-called failure is just an opportunity to pursue another idea.



Christine Perkett’s “Hurricane” chat with Mike Volpe on HubSpotTV: PR, Ping, fashion, JetBlue, Twitter faux pas’ and more

Thanks to your votes (nearly 40% of the total votes!), Christine Perkett (@missusp) co-hosted this past Friday’s episode of HubspotTV with Mike Volpe (@mvolpe). Another highly entertaining and informative episode of the weekly video podcast, Christine and Mike discuss – among other things – the following topics:

  • Big brands and customer engagement – from customer service to product development, what are today’s expectations? Who’s doing it right?
  • Is PR Dead? What is social media’s impact on the industry, and how can it compliment traditional PR/marketing strategies?
  • Managing your inbox – with the arrival of Google’s Priority Inbox, will e-newsletters and email blasts still make an impact?
  • Marketing Tip of the Week – tune in to hear it!

You can watch the full episode via the player below if you missed it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! If so, give Hubspot a 5-star rating on iTunes, won’t you? If you have additional questions or comments for Christine, please share them in the blog comments below.

Actually, Pay Attention To That (Wo)man Behind the Curtain

Last week Hubspot – via Twitter Grader – highlighted the The 100 Most Powerful Women On Twitter which included a lot of influential and interesting women I expected to see there, such as Ann Handley, Jennifer Leggio, Beth Kanter, and Charlene Li, and a few surprises that I wouldn’t have readily thought of, but are very interesting to follow nonetheless. Happily, we also noted that our CEO, Christine Perkett@missusp was also included within the Top 25 women on this list – of course, we’re not surprised because we know how hard she works to keep on top of the industry, as the PR and social media landscape constantly changes. But we are very proud and impressed nonetheless. (Is this a good time to ask for a raise?)

After the initial hoopla on Twitter about the list and congratulating the women we know personally, Christine asked on Twitter, “so what does it all mean.” I’ve thought about this before when lists like this come out – do they really mean anything, and if so, what? Does the general public really care who is influential on Twitter? Are these people really influential or do they merely appear to be, to those of us who are really ingrained in social media?

After thinking about it for awhile, I’ve come up with what this particular list it means to me – I would love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you or to the rest of the world.

  1. PR professionals – from “flaks” to influencers – when I started in PR, those in my profession were completely behind the scenes – like the Wizard of Oz sitting behind the curtain pulling the strings. We are in the business of making our clients stars, so naturally, we don’t make the story about us, nor should we. However, along the way, we learn a lot – about our clients, their business, the market and how it changes. We have to learn about new technologies, trends, products, and publications, giving us more than a layman’s knowledge of many different industries. The rise of social media, however, has given us a voice and has allowed us to highlight our expertise and the value we can offer to others without being overly promotional. Certainly, our clients are still the stars – we still devote 95% of our time to them, but a handful of smart PR folks are now also seen as experts who have influence in the industry. And you know what – our public influence is being asked about more and more by prospects, and evaluated by clients – if we are selling the ability to influence audiences and teach our clients how to become more influential in their industries, it makes sense that we should be have our own strong industry credibility.

  3. Journalists and PR professionals can play nicely together – Take a look at those on this list and the other “Twitter influencer” lists that are posted regularly. They now contain reporters, bloggers and PR professionals (among others) – and because of their involvement in social media, a lot of them know and respect each other more than ever. For every blog post that fuels the journalists vs. PR “flacks” debate, there are hundreds of social media interactions every day between the media and PR that help bridge the gap and help the two get to know each other better and more personally. When you can see each other as people/friends and not the enemy, it is easier for everyone to do their job. Watching Christine joke with several of the other “top influencer” bloggers and journalists on Twitter after this list came out really drove this home for me.

  5. PR professionals are trail blazers – at least in the tech industry. Many years ago, Christine told our staff that we needed to “figure out what these blogs are all about” then a few years later that we needed to start figuring out what social networking was all about – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Whrrl, etc. – so that we could evaluate how it should be used in our business and for our clients – and if it should be. Christine always takes the reins for our company to ensure we try out and experiment with new technologies for ourselves before we try them for clients. Often people think that it’s only the “techies or the journalists” that are first adopters of technology, but many smart PR companies are the first to appear on new social sites and are among the first with the new gadget or toy because we pay attention and have close relationships with those influencers shaping the market. If we’re doing our job right, we realize value and ROI before the public does – thanks to being privy to many start ups and innovative new advances by existing companies, working early with the reporters and influencers who evaluate them and their products, and paying attention to where the tech industry is headed. Also, because we’re responsible for counseling our clients on how what works, what doesn’t and where they should pay attention. In fact, we’re often involved in product direction and development discussions because we have a pulse on where the industry is headed.

Our discussion about this list on Twitter prompted Hubspot to offer to sponsor a meetup for the top 100 women on this list – PerkettPR is considering organizing this event, but we want it to be more than a Tweet-up – we would like it to offer value to attendees and to maybe even benefit a charity. Would you attend an event that offered insight from the Top 100 women influencers on Twitter? If so, what would you like to get out of it? Tell us here and help us create a fantastic event!

Ladies’ Home Journal Features PerkettPR’s Own Heather Fraelick

If you’re a regular reader, you know that PerkettPR provides its employees with 40 paid community service hours per year, to spend on a cause of their choice.  We are proud of our employees’ efforts to help others and we want to support their desire to do so. Hiring people who care about others and have passions outside of work is a fundamental part of our culture.

Along those lines, you might have read this post from our own Account Supervisor, Heather Fraelick, about how she spends her hours – spreading the word about sun safety and skin cancer. Today, Ladies’ Home Journal featured Heather’s story in The Skin Cancer Guide – a three-part series – providing a “dermatologist-approved detection guide that just might save your life.”

Heather’s bravery and willingness to share her story to help others are just a few of the may reasons we’re proud to have her on our team.

PerkettPR’s April MVP: Johanna Cappello

At the end of each month we give each PerkettPR employee the opportunity to call out and recognize their fellow colleagues by voting for them as our “Most Valuable Player.” Traditionally, we’ve only shared the honors and accolades amongst ourselves during our first internal meeting of the new month – but why not share it publically?

Each MVP is clear an example of the many top-notch, talented individuals we have at PerkettPR, and sharing the announcement here is a way for you to get to know them a little better. So without further ado, here is PerkettPR’s MVP for April 2010:

Johanna Cappello

JohannaCappelloWhat is your role at PerkettPR?
I am an Operation Assistant—I assistant the Account and Executive teams with research, coverage reports, or managing speaking/awards databases. Also I help with the PR for PerkettPR and more recently have spearheaded a few client driven design projects.

How long have you been with the company?
Over 2 years.

What do you like best about your job?
The variety—each day is different. The work is always fresh, and I love being part of such a motivating, inspiring team—who are continuously pushing me to work harder.

Who inspires you?
Boma (my grandmother) and my Mom—independent, passionate, resilient women.

How do you inspire others?
I am an eternal optimist— and in moments of adversity have used my ambition, my motivation, of course, my optimism to rise above.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Writing. Cooking. And beach-ing.

What did you want to be when you were little?
Singer on Broadway

How do you stay motivated?
I surround myself with positive, honest, and inspirational people. Also, I love reading and considerate myself a lifelong student. Learning more (and more) is continuously fueling my motivation.

What’s your favorite quote?
“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way and not starting.” (Budda)

How did you go above and beyond to win this month’s MVP?
I worked diligently on a client project involving designing numerous materials, coordinating estimates, and delivery for a client product launch at a conference.

Editor’s note: Johanna is being modest here. In every company, there are people who stick to their To Do list and then there are employees who proactively go above and beyond. Johanna has some talents that she isn’t required to apply in her every day job. However, when she saw a need for these talents, she proactively stepped up and stepped in – surprising us all by unveiling additional strengths that we weren’t aware of, and working above and beyond what she’s required to do in her current position. Not only did she provide some new ideas and content, but she showed managers her ability to grow in a way we hadn’t thought of before in regards to her future here at PPR. Today, she’s MVP, but she also carved out a new path for her career here – one that will benefit our clients from both the PR and content creation and design perspective – and benefit her by allowing her to do what she loves. Johanna is a great example of how stepping up and stepping in can benefit both your employer and you!

Connect with Johanna on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.