Persuasive PIcks for the week of 07/05/10

Social Media Employee Policy Examples from Over 100 Companies and Organizations
Creating a Social Media Policy for you organization can be a challenging process. It needs to provide employees with enough leeway to engage properly, but also help prevent them from giving away the secret sauce. This post from Ralph Paglia on provides an extensive list of existing company policies to help get you started.

For Those Facebook Left Behind
As an avid user of Facebook or Twitter, you might think that most people have heard about those services and know what they are. In reality, their existence has only scratched the surface of notoriety with the global population.  David Pogue of The New York Times provides this handy “clip-n-save” guide to help explain what these social networks are to those left behind in the craze.

What Marketing & Sales Can Learn From Seinfeld
Carlos Hidalgo draws an interesting comparison between Seinfeld-isms and how sales and marketing teams sometimes miss the boat when they communicate in this entertaining post on

The Cost of Social Media Phobia
David McCann from dives into the topic of how companies that restrict access to social media platforms might be missing out on opportunities to help their business prosper.

5 Tips to Make the Most of a PR Pro’s Summer
If the lazy days of summer are starting to take a toll of your productivity,  these 5 tips from Keith Trivitt of might help inspire you.