A Busy Week for Marketing and PR

This week we’re busy merging our online and offline worlds with other marketers and business executives at two key events. We kicked off Wednesday at Boston’s Internet Marketing Summit with a fun and interactive booth – check out the activity on our Whrrl story – where we helped the crowd connect with their “inner social media guru.” We also took away invaluable tips, tricks and lessons from the numerous panels. You can catch a lot of those tidbits by following the aggregated Twitter feed on our #IMS09 landing page (where the “inner social media guru photos are featured) or on Twitter.

Today I have the pleasure of attending (and speaking at) Open View Venture Partners Content Marketing Workshop. It’s only 10 a.m. and I’ve already learned plenty of new tips for great marketing, digital content and promotion. Being in a room with a group of energetic, eager and smart entrepreneurs is one of the best ways to spend the day. I look forward to applying some of these lessons for both PerkettPR and our clients in the future. And, while right now I need to pay attention and take notes, I’ll look to share some of the best tidbits from this event – and IMS – through our social networks (here, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). If you have any specific questions that you’d like us to raise while we’re here, drop us a line!

What are your biggest marketing challenges?