What is New Marketing? PR 2.0? Join us at The New Marketing Summit Today

Today I am speaking on a panel for “PR 2.0” at The New Marketing Summit in Foxboro, MA. I’m proud to be involved in this project and presenting among many other industry luminaries – Chris Brogan, Paul Gillin and David Meerman Scott pulled it together – who are elevating the roles that marketing and PR play in business.

New marketing means a lot of different things – or nothing at all – to people today. Some don’t believe much has changed, while others call the changes “radical.” Sign up for today or tomorrow’s sessions to learn more about how companies from many different industries – in both B2B and B2C – are embracing new technologies, methodologies and techniques to keep their brands top of mind.

I’ll be chatting about how PR has changed in light of new marketing – I believe it’s become more thought-provoking, integrated and important than ever – with a few industry peers. What’s going on with PR today? Is it dead? How does social media help or hinder the process? Do traditional skills matter anymore? Is PR even necessary in light of the open conversations facilitated by social media? Can’t anyone do PR now?

If we can answer specific questions for you, please post them here or join us at the conference today. You can also follow our Twitter updates on my stream or PerkettPR’s.

I’ll share more of my thoughts after the panel this afternoon. I hope to see you there!