Persuasive Picks for the week of 10/17/11

We start off this week’s Persuasive Picks post with “Taking Social Media Beyond Your Own Ego“. Ramon Ray and the team offer insight on how not to fall into the “do it yourself trap” and how to truly take social media beyond the ego for your business in this straight-forward article over at BusinessInsider Tools.

KFC’s Secret Recipe for Social Media Success is an interview with KFC’s public relations manager, Rick Maynard, and focuses on how his Team went about gaining brand supporters. This article offers key tips on keeping your brand relevant to consumers via consistent social media engagment and can be found at 1to1Media.

Are You Bad at the Internet? is a great piece covers a Kauffman study recently released which discusses how many small businesses are still struggling with their online presence and how to use the Web to increase sales. This Inc. Magazine article highlights which industries are finding success.

Tips for Reaching Out to Twitter’s 50 Million Daily Users authored by Angela West of PCWorld, this article examines the value of Twitter and offers useful tips for business, large and small, on how to use Twitter effectively. West’s article cites that Twitter is valued at $8 billion and boasts over 100 million users, 50 million of whom log in daily.

Over at Entrepreneur’s Daily Dose an educational column: Chief Cheezburger Ben Huh Dishes on Social Media provides useful tidbits on his approach to keeping your brand social in today’s business world.