Social Media – How Personal is Too Personal?

When I spoke recently at the Ragan Social Media for Communicators Conference, I had some great discussions with business and marketing executives about social media. Some folks were using it, some were just exploring and many – more than I would have anticipated – were still very far removed from it.

I’m an advocate of social media – I enjoy it personally and I get very excited about its application for businesses. But one question that kept popping up was “How do you balance the personal side with the business side?”

I have thoughts and advice on this – watch for more news about our upcoming Social Media Bootcamp program to find out more. In the meantime, let’s start with Facebook. I personally find it one of the most challenging communities for balancing. I have both friends, family and business connections there – and for me, that can get interesting.

So how do you use Facebook? Please take our poll and let us know – we’ll be writing more on this topic, and sharing the results, soon.