Persuasive Picks for the week of 04/21/08

This week brings five picks on a variety of topics to dive into. Enjoy!

Overcoming key resistence to adopting social media
If your company still hasn’t adopted a social media strategy, then it might be due to one of the reasons listed in this post. However, Shel Holtz lends his expertise to show you why these excuses no longer hold water.

Personal Brand Statement Contest – Win The Full Issue 4
If you haven’t paid for a subscription to Dan Schwabel’s excellent Personal Branding Magazine, then this post will allow you to download a sample of the upcoming issue as well as enter into a contest to win the full version when it comes out.

Video Comments? No Thanks – 5 Reasons They Don’t Work
Earlier this week TechCunch launched the ability to leave video comments on blog posts as an alternative to a traditional text comment – courtesy of the new Seesmic plugin for WordPress. At first, video comments seem to be hip alternative to typing, but in this post, Josh Catone clearly reveals a few downsides to adopting video comments on your blog. as a PR measurement tool
Andrew Careaga of the Higher Ed Marketing blog gives some incite on a recent experience using the social bookmarking site as a measurement tool when keeping track of media coverage. His advice could also be carried over to similar tools like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit.

Seven Types Of Highly Effective Corporate Blogs
In this post, Mitch Joel covers 6 styles of corporate blogs and provides examples of each. Does your company’s blog fall into one of these categories? Or perhaps one of these blog types will inspire you to get one started if your company still hasn’t joined the blogosphere.

PerkettPR Interviews JoAnna from

Even professionals who may seem non-techie are embracing social media technologies to boost their business. I ran into Chef JoAnna at TechCrunch and had to find out just why a chef was at this “geeked-out” LA party. She tells us more about her business and how she uses podcasts, Twitter and Facebook to market herself and communicate with customers. Cool stuff!

PerkettPR Interviews Loren Nason from The Future of Real Estate blog

Vertical industries are embracing technology in new and interesting ways all of the time. There’s an abundance of opportunity and – as Loren Nason of The Future of Real Estate Technology tells us – a lot of need. He explains more in a brief (slightly noisy) interview at TechCrunch/PopSugar’s MeetUp. (Pardon my interview skills, I’m used to putting others in front of the camera, not myself.)

PerkettPR Interviews Dave Cruser of Survivor China at TechCrunch LA MeetUp

We had a fantastic time at the TechCrunch PopSugar LA MeetUp last week. Thanks to all who attended and took the time to chat with us at the event. Stay tuned for more great interviews from the TC Meet Up coming soon.

In the meantime, as some of you may know, the theme of the party was ‘Geek Goes Chic’ – as the event was co-hosted by both TechCrunch and PopSugar, a fashion, beauty, shopping and celebrity news blog. This theme created an interesting mix of about 2000 beautiful people from both the tech and entertainment worlds. While many of our interviews were with traditional emerging tech start-ups, our own Lisa Dilg (a massive Survivor fan) was able to bag an interview with Dave Cruser of Survivor China fame. She catches up with Dave on just what the heck he was doing at the TechCrunch MeetUp and, of course, she had to get the inside scoop on what it was like behind the scenes on Survivor. You gotta love LA!