Scott Porad at SXSWi 2009

While asking random people at SXSW what two words described their experience at the conference, I ran into Scott Porad, Cheezburger Technology Officer for I Can Has Cheezburger – a website well known for its cat pictures with hilarious captions that has been going strong since January 2007. I just had to speak with Scott about the site that is currently attracting five million page views a day and closing in on hitting two billion (BILLION) page views this year. See what Scott has to say about I Can Has Cheezburger.

Jason Falls at SXSWi 2009

Before venturing into the Blogger Lounge at SXSW, I was not privy to all that was Jason Falls until I was encouraged to sit down and have a chat with him to find out just what makes his blog, Social Media Explorer so successful and how Twitter has added to his fame. Along with his successful blog and being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever shared BBQ with (at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas), Jason is director of social media for Doe-Anderson, a brand-building agency in Louisville, KY and co-founder of the Social Media Club in Louisville.

Justin Levy at SXSWi 2009

Justin Levy is the newest pirate to join Chris Brogan over at New Marketing Labs – a new media marketing agency, as well as the home of the New Marketing Summit conferences and New Marketing Bootcamp educational events. If you have ever seen Justin speak publicly or just hung out with him, you know he isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts and opinions, no matter how different they may be from the norm. I think this is why people like the guy so much (or perhaps that is why I like him so much).

Check out his response to my question “what makes a social media expert.”

David Meerman Scott at SXSWi 2009

I ran into David Meerman Scott , author, speaker and marketing strategist during SXSW and asked him a few questions about his newly released book – World Wide Rave and his thoughts around what to look for when hiring a PR (or advertising) agency to handle social media projects. Be sure to download World Wide Rave onto your Kindle or get a hardcopy for yourself. I got mine!

Social Media – How Personal is Too Personal?

When I spoke recently at the Ragan Social Media for Communicators Conference, I had some great discussions with business and marketing executives about social media. Some folks were using it, some were just exploring and many – more than I would have anticipated – were still very far removed from it.

I’m an advocate of social media – I enjoy it personally and I get very excited about its application for businesses. But one question that kept popping up was “How do you balance the personal side with the business side?”

I have thoughts and advice on this – watch for more news about our upcoming Social Media Bootcamp program to find out more. In the meantime, let’s start with Facebook. I personally find it one of the most challenging communities for balancing. I have both friends, family and business connections there – and for me, that can get interesting.

So how do you use Facebook? Please take our poll and let us know – we’ll be writing more on this topic, and sharing the results, soon.