Persuasive Picks – Week of December 14, 2015

According to PRNewser, “The PR Industry Has a Big Problem“. Guest columnist, Colin Jordan reports there are roughly 5.7 PR professionals for every one journalist, according to recent Labor reports in the U.S. He offers insight on how the PR industry must change.


Mashable reports on what we will see from content marketers in 2016. This article called “10 content marketing game changers to look for in 2016“, authored by Shafqat Islam, shares tips on what brands should do in 2016 to stay on top, including the rise of new platforms such as WeChat, Line and others.

Brent Gleeson, a Forbes contributor, pens a piece on social media marketing in 2016. “5 Things You Should Be Doing In Social Media Marketing In 2016” focuses on the top five things brands should be doing to better engage customers.  He encourages the use of live streaming and engaging more with key influencers.




Persuasive Picks – Week of November 30, 2015

As we close out the year, we are now turning our attention to strategies for 2016. In a piece for Entrepreneur, contributor Sujan Patel takes on this topic as it relates to marketing strategies for small businesses. This article called “5 Marketing Changes Small Businesses Need to Make in 2016” emphasizes the importance of relationship and mobile marketing.


In an article as part of the MarTech Landscape Series, we look at B2B marketing automation software and what it is.  This article called “MarTech Landscape: What Is Marketing Automation Software?”, we learn about what marketers need to understand before adopting a marketing automation platform.

Digital fundraising is the topic of NPR’s piece called “A Click Too Far: Why Using Social Media Isn’t That Great For Fundraising“. This piece, authored by Alina Selyukh, references some of the great social media fundraising campaigns such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but goes on to discuss how most campaigns aren’t proven to be all that effective.  Only 3 percent of fundraising referrals came from social media.



PerkettPR is Thankful…

As Thanksgiving approaches each year, we all take a hard look at our lives and what we are thankful for. In the busy PR world, we often are too busy to take the time to ponder as to what we are thankful for in terms of our careers. Here at PerkettPR, we took a moment to write down what we hold near and dear to our hearts and why we love our jobs so much.

PerkettPR wants to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Christine Perkett, CEO and Founder:

I am grateful for the variety of clients that I have had the fortune to work with. It has been an exciting career learning about new technologies that impact consumers and businesses around the world, across many different industries.

I love that I get to know about so many cool things before the rest of the world, and help shape the way they are presented to the market.

I’m grateful that I get to write for a living.

I’m grateful for an amazingly diverse, intelligent and helpful network. I am connected to some of the most innovative brands and individuals in the world.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to live and work in Boston – love that dirty water!

I’m grateful to the organizations who have allowed me to get up on stage and share my insights – it’s always nerve wracking but fun.

I’m thankful for so many wonderful employees that have worked with me over the years at both PerkettPR and at SeeDepth. Most have been positive experiences and many led to lifelong friendships.

I’m so grateful for the belief and trust that many, many people have put in me to brand their business, promote their work, give them a career opportunity or be a quality partner.

I’m grateful for the lessons learned from the difficult times, like managing a business through two recessions. Not fun at all … but that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Kim Kennedy, Senior Account Strategist:

Thankful for regular engagement with many media contacts over 20+ years that have turned into years-long relationships – love seeing who’s beats have changed and how the PR landscape is changing and how we can continue to be part of it, adding to the conversation with our many contacts who can contribute to it.

Thankful for being in Boston and as a result, sitting in one of the hubs of major innovation in the country. Feeling proud of that!

Thankful for happy clients who continue to see the value in PR amidst a changing landscape.

Thankful for learning each day things I didn’t know the day before that I can apply to each client and experience.

Thankful for amazing colleagues who I have worked with for many years – teamwork is a major value-add to PR goals.

Personally thankful for my family who supports me in my career; every day is different.

Thankful for my beautiful family who I could not do this for each day without a lot of juggling and respect of a woman in her career – my 3 boys will hopefully be better for it when they have their own families and see the demonstrated value of women in the workplace. Not sure I lean in, but rather, I sit up straight and balance career and family spheres.

Thankful for how hard my family works each day, inspiring me to do the same. I may work with CEOs each day, but my hats off to my boys who deliver the same results with the equally same goal of doing your best.

Susan Sweenie, Director of Operations:

I’m sincerely grateful for my decision to join PerkettPR over a decade ago!

I’m thankful that I have a career that is ever-evolving. Each day is different and met with new challenges and successes. Never a dull moment.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the top PR/marketing minds in the world.

I am very thankful to have a job that has allowed me the flexibility to raise my 3 young children and be there for them when they need me.

I am grateful for all the lessons I have learned throughout my career.

I am thankful for the longevity of PerkettPR and thankful for our “team”.

Persuasive Picks – Week of November 16, 2015

Ever wish PR stereotypes would vanish? Ned Ellison does in his PRWeek article called “Death to the PR stereotype“. His article talks about how gaining trust with your clients should help diminish the current stereotype.

The Five Marketing Trends CMOs Can No Longer Ignore In 2016” is another insightful piece by Jennifer Rooney, Staff Writer at Forbes. This piece includes a list of the five top trends that will strengthen next year and beyond.


Image credit: NASA on The Commons

Entrepreneur published an intriguing article authored by Rebecca Hasulak.  This article called “It’s Not Rocket Science: 4 Secrets Behind Good PR for Startups” focuses on goals and how you should commit your time, not your money behind a strategy. It also includes tips on pitching and how to keep things simple.